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Floor preparation

Floor preparation

Floor preparation includes :

  • Stripping varnished floors removes hardened layers of metal, preparing the surface for re-varnishing and a flawless appearance. 
  • Hard floor finishes are coatings specially designed to increase the strength and durability of wood floors, offering extra protection against wear, scratches and stains, while enhancing their natural appearance.
  • Parquet binders and sealants are essential products for preparing and finishing wood floors. They fill cracks, joints and imperfections, ensuring a smooth, even surface. These high-quality products offer strong adhesion, wear resistance and durability, ensuring an impeccable floor finish.
  • Preventive and curative wood floor treatments are essential solutions for protecting and preserving the beauty of wood floors. Preventive treatments act upstream, providing a protective barrier against damage caused by moisture, insects and UV rays, thereby extending the life of the floor. Curative treatments, on the other hand, are used to repair and restore damaged floors, treating problems such as scratches, stains and discoloured areas, allowing the floor to look like new again.
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