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Disc clamping washer

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Disc clamping washer 4409

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Disc clamping washer

Disc clamping washer

Disc clamping washer : Spare disc for Zéphir edger

The disc clamping washer plays an important role in holding the abrasive disc used for sanding parquet in place.

Here is its general role and some information on when it may be necessary to change this part:

1. Holding the abrasive disc holder: The disc clamp washer is generally used to hold the abrasive disc firmly in place on the machine. It helps to ensure that the disc remains fixed during sanding.

2. Pressure distribution: By tightening the washer, pressure is distributed evenly over the sanding disc. This helps to prevent unwanted movement of the disc during operation of the edger.

3. When to change the disc lock washer :

   - Wear: If the clamping washer shows signs of wear, such as deformation, cracks, or reduced ability to hold the disc in place, it may need to be replaced.

   - Difficulty maintaining pressure: If the washer is no longer able to maintain sufficient pressure to hold the disc in place, it may be time to replace it.

- Ineffective clamping: If the clamping washer no longer clamps the abrasive disc properly despite appropriate adjustments, this may indicate the need for replacement.

It is recommended that you consult Repex Floor's technical service department for precise information on maintenance, replacement and adjustment of the disc clamping washer. The manufacturer's recommendations may vary depending on the model and design date of the machine.

In general, regular maintenance, visual inspection and replacement of worn parts will help to ensure that the edger works properly and lasts longer.

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Disc clamping washer

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