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Toothed belt Zéphyr - Repex Floor
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Toothed belt Zéphyr

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Toothed belt Zéphyr 4604

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Toothed belt Zéphyr

Toothed belt Zéphyr

Toothed belt Zéphyr edger  

The toothed belt plays a crucial role in power transmission.

Here's what it does in general and a few hints on when it might be necessary to change this part:

1. Power transmission: The toothed belt is a key component of the power transmission mechanism in a plating machine. It is designed to efficiently transfer power from the motor to other components of the machine, such as the pulley or the abrasive disc used for sanding parquet.

2. Maintaining tension: The toothed belt must maintain the correct tension to ensure stable power transmission. Inadequate tension can lead to performance problems such as belt slippage.

3. When to change the toothed belt :

   - Wear: If the toothed belt shows signs of wear, such as cracks, missing teeth, or a rough surface, it may need to be replaced.

   - Loss of tension: A loss of tension in the belt can lead to power transmission problems. If the belt feels loose or if you notice slipping, it may be time to replace it.

- Abnormal noises: Unusual noises coming from the belt area, such as squeaking or rattling, may indicate problems and require replacement of the belt.

   - Regular inspection: In general, even if there are no obvious signs of wear, it is advisable to check the condition of the toothed belt regularly and replace it periodically to avoid breakage on the job.

It is important to consult Repex Floor's technical service for precise information on the maintenance, replacement and adjustment of the timing belt. 

In general, regular maintenance, visual inspection and replacement of worn parts will help to keep your edger running smoothly and prolong its life.

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Toothed belt Zéphyr

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