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Disc pulley

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Disc pulley 4I0000

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Disc pulley

Disc pulley 

Disc pulley for the Zephyr edger

The disc pulley is part of the power transmission system.

Here's what it does in general and a few hints about when it might be necessary to change this part:

1. Power transmission: The disc pulley is part of the transmission mechanism that converts the motor's power into rotary motion to turn the abrasive disc used to sand the floor. It is usually connected to the motor shaft and transfers power to the disc.

2. Speed adjustment: The disc pulley can also be designed to allow adjustment of the speed of the sanding disc. This can be useful for adapting the sanding speed to the specific needs of the material or working conditions.

3. When to change the disc pulley :

   - Wear: If the disc pulley shows signs of wear such as deep grooves, deformation or reduced ability to transfer power efficiently, it may need to be replaced.

   - Abnormal noises: Unusual noises coming from the disc pulley, such as rattles or squeaks, may indicate problems and require replacement.

- Difficulty adjusting speed: If the disc pulley has a speed adjustment mechanism and this mechanism is no longer working properly, it may be necessary to replace the part.

   - Transmission problems: Any transmission problems, such as loss of power or irregular disc rotation speed, may be linked to problems with the disc pulley.

We recommend that you consult your Reepex Floor Service Centre for precise information on maintenance, replacement and adjustment of the disc pulley. 

In general, regular maintenance, visual inspection and replacement of worn parts will help to keep your edger running smoothly and prolong its life.

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Disc pulley

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