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Voltage detector relay card - Repex Floor
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Voltage detector relay card

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Voltage detector relay card 1914 NN

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Voltage detector relay card

Voltage detector relay card 

for OURAGAN sander

The voltage detector relay card 400V on the Ouragan heavy duty sander is an essential component that plays a role in the management of electrical voltage and the safety of the equipment.

Here's what it's used for and some information on where it wears out and when it may need replacing:

Function of the voltage detector relay card :
The role of the 400V Voltage Detector Threshold Relay electronic card is to monitor the incoming electrical voltage and ensure that it remains within a safe range. If the voltage exceeds the specified threshold (in this case, 400 volts), the card triggers a cut-off relay that interrupts the power supply, protecting the sander and the user from potential power surges that could damage equipment or cause electrical hazards.

Potential wear points :

The wear points on the voltage detector relay electronic card can depend on several factors:

- Electronic wear: The electronic components of the board, such as relays, sensors and circuits, can wear out over time as a result of electrical loads and cycles of use. This can lead to a loss of efficiency in voltage detection or malfunctions.

- Electrical overloads: If the sander is subjected to frequent power surges or significant voltage fluctuations, the board may suffer premature damage.

- Physical damage: Physical damage, such as shock, vibration, or harsh environmental conditions, can damage components or the board itself.

Time of replacement :
The exact timing of replacement of the voltage sensing relay electronic board will depend on a number of factors, including build quality, operating and maintenance conditions, and how often the sander is used. Here are a few signs that could indicate that it's time to replace the card:

- Voltage detection fault: If the card no longer correctly detects overvoltages or does not cut the power supply when the threshold is exceeded, this may indicate a malfunction.

- False detection: If the card incorrectly trips the cut-off relay without there being a real overvoltage, this may indicate a problem with the card.

- Frequent errors: If the card frequently generates errors or unexpected disconnections, this may be a sign of a fault.

- Visible damage: Visible damage, such as burnt components or traces of overvoltage, requires immediate replacement.

If in doubt or if there are any signs of malfunction, it is advisable to have the voltage sensing relay circuit board inspected by a professional. Ensuring reliable voltage detection and overvoltage protection is essential for the safety of the user and the protection of the electrical equipment.

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Voltage detector relay card

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