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Cable gland 4D - Repex Floor
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Cable gland 4D

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Cable gland 4D 17182

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Cable gland 4D

Cable gland 4D

Cable gland 4D for 4D, OURAGAN, PLE single-brush sanders 

A cable gland is a mechanical part used to seal and protect the electrical cable that supplies power to the sander. This part is generally located where the cable enters the sander body.

Cable gland function :

1. Sealing: the cable gland is designed to prevent the ingress of dust, liquids or other substances into the electrical compartment of the sander. This preserves the integrity of electrical connections and reduces the risk of short-circuiting.

2. Cable protection: the cable gland holds the electrical cable in place and protects it from chafing, twisting and any mechanical damage that may occur during use of the sander.

3. Safety: by keeping the electrical compartment watertight, the cable gland helps to ensure user safety and prevent the risk of electrocution.

When should I consider changing the cable gland?

We recommend that you regularly check the condition of the sander's cable gland and replace it in the following situations:

1. Wear or damage: if the gland shows signs of wear, such as cracks, deformation or broken parts, it should be replaced. Wear may result from normal use of the sander or improper handling.

2. Damage: if the cable gland is damaged, torn or damaged in any way, it will no longer perform its protective and sealing function correctly. In this case, it must be replaced to avoid any risk of malfunction or potential danger.

3. Preventive maintenance: even if there are no visible signs of wear or damage, it is advisable to follow Repex Floor's recommendations regarding preventive maintenance intervals. Regular replacement of the gland can help extend the life of the sander and prevent more serious problems in the future.

In summary, the cable gland on a sander plays a crucial role in protecting the electrical cable and sealing the electrical compartment. It should be checked regularly and replaced in the event of wear, damage or as part of planned preventive maintenance to ensure the safety, reliability and optimum performance of the appliance. If you have any doubts about the condition of your cable gland, or for information specific to your model of sander, please do not hesitate to consult and contact Repex Floor Customer Service.

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Cable gland 4D

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