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Ouragan Switch

Reference -1945

Ouragan switch 1945

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Ouragan switch

Ouragan switch

Ouragan switch sander 

The stop switch on the Ouragan heavy duty sander is an essential component that allows the user to start or stop the sander. Here's what it's for and some information about where it wears out and when it may need replacing:

Function of the stop switch :
The sander stop switch is a control device that controls the power supply to the sander motor. It allows the user to start or stop the sander by operating the switch. This provides essential control over the operation of the tool, allowing the user to turn it on or off as required for the job.

Potential wear points :
Wear points on the stop switch can depend on a number of factors:

- Mechanical wear: The switch is operated each time the sander is used, and the internal contacts can wear gradually due to mechanical wear. This can lead to problems with poor contact, where the switch does not operate correctly.

- Physical damage: Physical damage such as knocks, drops or rough handling of the sander can damage the switch. Cracks or deformation may affect its operation.

- Dirt : The switch can accumulate dust, dirt or other contaminants over time, which can lead to operating problems. Excessive dirt can prevent the switch from engaging or disengaging properly.

Time of replacement :
The exact time to replace the stop switch will depend on a number of factors, including how often the sander is used, working conditions and general maintenance of the machine. Here are some signs that may indicate it's time to replace the switch:

- Malfunction: If the switch is not working properly, for example if it does not reliably start or stop the sander, this may indicate a problem.

- Visible damage: Visible damage such as cracks, chips or deformation of the switch requires immediate replacement for safety and functionality reasons.

- Continuity problems: If you notice intermittent interruptions in the electrical current while using the sander, this may indicate a problem with the switch.

It is advisable to check the condition of the stop switch regularly and to replace it if in doubt or if there are any signs of damage. Ensuring reliable control over starting and stopping the sander is essential for the safety of the user and the correct operation of the tool.

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Ouragan switch

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