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starting capacitor

Reference -125 MF

Starting capacitor 125 MF

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Starting capacitor

Starting capacitor

for Ouragan 130 µ heavy duty grinder.

The starting capacitor in the motor section of the Ouragan grinder is an essential electrical component that plays a key role in starting the grinder's electric motor.

Here are its main functions and wear points to look out for:

Function of the starting capacitor:

1. Starting the motor: The starting capacitor is used to provide additional electrical current to the electric motor during start-up. This produces a high starting torque, which enables the motor to overcome the initial starting resistance, particularly under heavy load or when starting from standstill.

Wear points to look out for on the starting capacitor:

1. Leakage or short circuit: Starting capacitors can deteriorate over time due to factors such as heat, electrical voltage fluctuations or simply wear. A defective capacitor may leak or short circuit, resulting in poor motor performance.

2. Swelling or bursting: Sometimes defective capacitors can show visual signs of swelling or bursting, indicating an obvious problem.

3. Loss of efficiency: When the starting capacitor loses its efficiency, the motor may have difficulty starting, which may lead to repeated starting attempts or low starting power.

When should the starting capacitor be changed?

The starting capacitor must be replaced in the following situations:

1. If there are obvious visual signs of the capacitor swelling, bursting or leaking.

2. If the sander motor has difficulty starting or does not start at all, this may be due to a defective starting capacitor.

3. If the motor seems to run erratically or shows signs of low power, this may also indicate a starting capacitor problem.

4. When the capacitor is damaged or defective, it is important to replace it to ensure reliable starting and optimum motor performance.

It is recommended that the Repex Floor manufacturer be consulted for specific recommendations regarding maintenance and replacement of the starting capacitor. In general, it is essential to follow a regular maintenance programme to ensure the correct operation of this part and the sander motor.

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Starting capacitor

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