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Static capacitor 50µF - Repex Floor
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Static capacitor 50µF

Reference -50 MF

Static capacitor 50µF 50 MF

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Static capacitor 50µF

Static capacitor 50µF

for Ouragan heavy duty sander, single-phase motor.

The Static capacitor 50µF is an essential electrical component used to improve the operation of the sander's electric motor. Its main purpose is to create a starting phase for the motor, making it run more smoothly and efficiently. The static capacitor is particularly useful for single-phase motors, as it helps generate the initial rotation required to start the sander.

Wear points for the 50µF static capacitor:
1. Electrical leakage: Over time, a capacitor can develop internal electrical leakage, resulting in a loss of capacitance and performance.

2. Swelling or physical damage: A damaged capacitor may show visible signs of swelling or electrolytic fluid leakage, indicating impending failure.

When to change the part:

The 50µF static capacitor must be replaced in the following cases:

1. If there are visible signs of swelling, leakage or physical damage.
2. If the sander has problems starting, motor performance or rotation.
3. If the capacitor exhibits internal electrical leakage or fails to maintain its rated capacity.

Replacement of the static capacitor is essential to maintain correct sander operation and ensure that the motor starts correctly. A faulty capacitor can lead to starting problems, reduced motor performance and, in some cases, a risk of motor overheating. It is advisable to check the condition of the capacitor regularly and to replace it as soon as signs of wear or failure are observed.

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Static capacitor 50µF

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