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Transformer 5V2 220/380V - Repex Floor
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Transformer 5V2 220/380V

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Transformer 5V2 220/380V 19141 NN

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Transformer 5V2 220/380V

Transformer 5V2 220/380V 

OURAGAN sander 

The 5V2 220/380V transformer on the Ouragan heavy-duty sander is an essential electrical component used to convert 220 volts (in a single-phase network) into 380 volts (in a three-phase network) to power the sander's motor.

Here's what it's used for and some information about where it wears out and when it may need replacing:

Function of the 5V2 220/380V transformer :
The main function of the transformer is to enable the sander to operate from a 380 volt three-phase power source, which is often required to power a three-phase motor. It converts 220 volts (common in many homes) into 380 volts three-phase, ensuring that the sander motor runs smoothly.

Potential wear points :

Wear points on the 5V2 220/380V transformer can depend on several factors:

- Electrical wear: The transformer's internal components, such as coils and circuits, can wear out over time due to constant electrical loads. This can lead to a loss of conversion efficiency or problems with output voltage stability.

- Electrical overload: If the transformer is subjected to frequent electrical overloads or significant voltage fluctuations, it may suffer premature damage.

- Physical damage: Physical damage such as shock, vibration or harsh environmental conditions can damage the transformer case or components, which can lead to operating problems.

Time of replacement:
The exact timing of transformer replacement will depend on a number of factors, including build quality, operating and maintenance conditions, and how often the sander is used. Here are a few signs that could indicate that it's time to replace the transformer:

- Incorrect output voltage: If you measure an incorrect output voltage compared to the specification (380V in this case), this may indicate a transformer malfunction.

- Overheating: If the transformer becomes excessively hot during use, this may indicate a problem.

- Loss of efficiency: If you notice a loss of efficiency in the operation of the sander or problems with the stability of the output voltage, the transformer may be to blame.

- Visible damage: Visible damage, such as cracks, deformation or burnt components, requires immediate replacement.

It is advisable to have the transformer inspected by a professional if in doubt or if there are any signs of malfunction. Ensuring a stable and correct output voltage is essential for optimum operation of the sander and to prevent damage to the electric motor.

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Transformer 5V2 220/380V

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