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Turbine housing - Repex floor
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Turbine housing

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Turbine housing 12060100

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Turbine housing

Turbine housing

Turbine housing for MAJOR and TYPHON sanders 

The turbine housing of the sander's dust extraction system is an important component of the tool, as it is responsible for extracting the dust generated during sanding. Here's what it does, what wear points to look out for and when it may need replacing:

1. Dust extraction: The turbine housing houses the motor of the hoover built into the sander. Its main role is to suck up dust, chips and debris generated during sanding, providing a cleaner working environment and reducing the dispersion of fine particles in the air.

2. Air filtration: In addition to suction, the turbine housing can also contain a filter to purify the air before releasing it into the atmosphere. This helps to improve air quality in the workspace.

With regard to wear points and when it is necessary to change the turbine housing of the suction system:

1. Motor wear: The hoover motor can wear out over time as a result of continuous use. If you notice a significant loss of suction power, this may indicate motor wear.

2. Air or dust leaks: Air or dust leaks around the turbine housing may occur if seals or internal components are worn. If you notice that the sander is not sucking efficiently, or if dust is escaping from the housing, this may require repair or replacement.

3. Filter clogging: If the filter inside the impeller housing becomes clogged with dust and debris, this can lead to reduced suction efficiency. It is usually possible to clean or replace the filter, but if the housing is difficult to access or damaged, it may be preferable to replace it.

4. Unusual noises: If you hear unusual noises coming from the turbine housing, this may indicate internal mechanical problems, such as worn bearings. In this case, a thorough inspection is required to determine whether replacement is necessary.

In summary, the turbine housing of the sander's dust extraction system is crucial to maintaining a clean working environment and ensuring that the dust extraction system works properly. You should consider replacing it when you notice a loss of suction efficiency, dust leaks, unusual noises or other signs of severe wear. It is essential to follow the manufacturer's repex Floor maintenance and replacement recommendations to ensure optimum performance of your sander and its dust extraction system.

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Turbine housing

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