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Square flange

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Square flange 12010601

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Square flange

Square flange

Square flange for Major Force sanders 

The Major sander frame square flange is a mechanical component that forms part of the sander frame assembly. Its precise role may vary according to the sander's specific design, but in general, it is used to hold and support various parts of the sander, including the motor, sanding plate or other important components.

Here's how it works in general, and when it may be necessary to change this part:

How the square clamp works:

1. Mechanical support: The square clamp serves as a solid support to hold various sander components in place, such as the motor, the sanding plate or other parts of the mechanism.

2. Structural stability: Helps maintain the structure of the sander, ensuring that key components are correctly aligned and secured.

Square flange wear points :

1. Wear and tear due to use: The square flange may undergo normal wear and tear over time due to the vibrations and mechanical stresses generated during use of the sander.

2. Physical damage: Shock, impact or excessive stress can damage the square flange, causing cracks, deformation or other visible damage.

3. Ageing: Depending on the materials of construction and frequency of use, the square flange may age and lose its ability to hold the structure in place.

When is it necessary to change the part?

When to change the square flange will depend on a number of factors, including how often the sander is used, the quality of its construction, and the severity of wear or damage.

Here are a few indications that suggest it's time to replace this part:

1. Significant damage: If you observe cracks, deformation or other significant damage to the square flange, we recommend replacing it.

2. Structural instability: If the sander shows signs of structural instability, such as excessive vibration, misalignment of components or irregular operation, this may indicate a problem with the square flange.

3. Loss of performance: If the square flange is no longer holding components correctly in place, resulting in a loss of sander performance, it's time to change it.

4. Safety issues: If the square flange is damaged in such a way as to create a safety risk for the user or compromise the integrity of the sander, it must be replaced immediately.

Replacement of the square flange may vary in complexity depending on the Major sander model and specific frame design. We recommend that you follow the Repex Floor manufacturer's recommendations for maintenance and parts replacement and, if necessary, call in a qualified professional to carry out this operation. Be sure to follow all safety procedures when servicing or replacing components on your sander.

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Square flange

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