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Inner cone

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Inner cone

Inner cone


The inner cone of the sander's tensioning roller is another important component of the machine's sanding belt tensioning mechanism. It works in tandem with the outer cone to maintain the correct belt tension.

Here are its functions and information on wear:

Function of the inner cone of the tensioning roller :

The inner cone of the tensioning roller plays an essential role in the sanding belt tensioning mechanism of the sander. It is generally located inside the outer cone and distributes belt tension evenly over the sanding drum. Working in tandem with the outer cone, it ensures that the belt is correctly tensioned and held in place during use.

Potential wear points :

The inner cone of the tensioning roller can also suffer wear over time due to regular use of the sander. The main wear points to look out for are as follows:

1. Wear on the contact surface: The part of the inner cone that is in contact with the abrasive belt may wear over time due to constant friction. Excessive wear can lead to belt tension problems.

2. Wear on threads or adjustment mechanism: If the inner cone is designed to be adjusted to set the belt tension, the threads or adjustment mechanism may wear over time. This can make it difficult to maintain the correct tension.

When to change the part:

It is recommended that you regularly monitor the condition of the inner cone of the Major sander tensioning roller and replace it if you observe any of the following problems:

1. If the sanding belt does not remain properly tensioned despite adjustments to the inner and outer cone.

2. If the contact surface of the inner cone is excessively worn, which could cause the belt to slip or wear abnormally.

3. If the threads or adjustment mechanism of the inner cone are damaged and you can no longer adjust the tension correctly.

In summary, the inner cone of the Major sander's tensioning roller is an essential part of maintaining the tension of the sanding belt. It can also wear out over time due to normal use, thread wear or physical damage. It is necessary to replace it when you observe signs of wear or belt tension problems to ensure that the sander works properly. Follow the recommendations of your sander's Repex Floor manufacturer for maintenance and replacement of this specific part.

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Inner cone

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