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Movable roller

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Movable roller 12070101

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Movable roller

Movable roller

Movable roller for sanders : MAJOR CYCLONE TYPHON 1&2 TORNADE

The movable roller in a sander is an essential component of the sanding belt support mechanism. It works in tandem with other components to maintain the stability of the sanding belt and ensure precise, uniform sanding.

Here are its main functions and the wear points to look out for:

Movable roller function :

1. Sanding belt support: The movable roller is in direct contact with the sanding belt and exerts pressure on it. It helps to hold the belt in position and ensure even contact with the surface to be sanded.

2. Sanding belt guidance: By exerting the correct pressure on the sanding belt, the roller guides the belt during sanding, ensuring a smooth, even finish.

Wear points to look out for on the movable roller :

1. Surface wear: The surface of the idler that comes into contact with the sanding belt can wear over time due to constant friction. Excessive wear can lead to a loss of belt-guiding efficiency and uneven sanding.

2. Physical damage: Shocks, impacts or excessive forces can damage the movable roller, resulting in cracks, deformation or other physical problems.

3. Corrosion: If the sander is used in damp or corrosive environments, the idler may be subject to corrosion, weakening its structure and durability.

When should the idler be replaced?

It is generally necessary to replace the idler in the following situations:

1. If you notice significant wear on the surface of the idler, particularly if this causes a loss of efficiency in guiding the sanding belt or uneven sanding.

2. If there is visible damage to the grinding wheel, such as cracks, deformation or other physical damage.

3. If the idler is severely corroded and the corrosion compromises its structure and strength.

4. When the movable roller causes the sander to malfunction by causing excessive vibration, abnormal noise or sanding problems.

The exact moment when you need to change this part will depend on how often you use the sander, the intensity of the work carried out and the conditions of use. It is recommended that you contact the Repex Floor manufacturer for specific recommendations regarding maintenance and replacement of the movable roller. In general, it is essential to follow a regular maintenance programme to ensure the smooth operation of this part and the quality of your sanding.

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Movable roller

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