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Rear upright

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rear upright 12010200

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rear upright

Rear post

The rear upright of the Major sander frame is a structural component of the sander that plays an essential role in the overall stability and structure of the tool. Its main purpose is to support and hold in place the key components of the sander, such as the sanding belt tension rollers and the motor. Here's how it works and when it may be necessary to change this part:

Rear post operation:

1. Structural Support: The rear post is designed to provide a strong, stable structure for the rest of the sander. It holds key components in place and ensures they remain aligned for efficient sanding.

2. Stability: Contributes to the overall stability of the sander by preventing excessive movement or unwanted vibration during use.

Rear post wear points :

1. Wear due to use: Although the rear post is not subject to direct wear like the moving components, it may experience slight wear over time due to structural stresses.

2. Physical damage: Shocks, impacts or other physical damage can damage the rear pillar and affect its stability.

3. Corrosion: If the sander is exposed to damp or corrosive environments, the rear post may corrode, which can affect its structure.

When is it necessary to change the part?

It is less common to have to change the rear post of a sander than moving components such as rollers or belts, as it is a robust structural part. However, here are some indications that it may be necessary to replace this part:

1. Visible damage: If there are visible cracks, deformation or damage to the rear upright, this may indicate that the structure is compromised and needs to be replaced.

2. Instability: If the sander becomes unstable during use, even after all moving parts have been checked and adjusted, this may be due to a problem with the rear post.

3. Loss of rigidity: If the rear post appears to be flexing or no longer holding components correctly in place, it may be time to replace it.

It is essential to follow the specific recommendations of the manufacturer of your Major sander with regard to maintenance and replacement of parts. In general, replacing the rear post can be a more complex task and require technical expertise, so it is recommended that you call Repex Floor to carry out this operation. Also make sure you follow all safety procedures when servicing or replacing components on your sander.

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rear upright

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