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Outer cone

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Outer cone 12090106

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Outer cone

Outer cone

Outer cone for MAJOR CYCLONE TORNADE sanders

The outer cone of the sander's tensioning roller is an essential component of the machine. It is part of the sanding belt tensioning mechanism. Here are its main functions and information on wear:

Function of the outer cone of the tensioning roller :

The outer cone of the tensioning roller is used to maintain the correct tension of the sanding belt on the sanding drum of the sander. It is used to adjust the tension of the belt, which is crucial for optimum operation of the sander. Proper belt tension ensures efficient use of the machine and consistent sanding quality.

Potential wear points :

The outer cone of the tensioning roller may wear over time due to normal wear and tear from regular use of the sander. The main wear points to look out for are:

1. Wear on the contact surface: The part of the cone in contact with the sanding belt can wear with constant friction. This can lead to loss of belt tension and poor sanding quality.

2. Thread wear: If the outer cone is adjusted by screwing or unscrewing, the threads can wear over time, making it difficult or impossible to adjust the tension.

3. Physical damage: Shocks or impacts can damage the outer cone, affecting its ability to maintain proper tension.

When to change the part :

It is recommended that you regularly monitor the condition of the outer cone of the Major sander tensioning roller and replace it if you observe any of the following problems:

1. If the sanding belt does not remain properly tensioned despite adjustments.

2. If the contact surface of the cone is excessively worn, resulting in belt slippage or abnormal belt wear.

3. If the threads on the cone are damaged and you can no longer adjust the tension correctly.

4. If the outer cone shows cracks, breaks or other serious physical damage.

In summary, the outer cone of the sander's tensioning roller is an important part in maintaining the tension of the sanding belt. It can wear out over time due to normal use, thread wear or physical damage. It is necessary to replace it when you observe signs of wear or belt tension problems to ensure the sander operates correctly. Be sure to follow your sander's Repex Floor manufacturer's recommendations for maintenance and replacement of this specific part.

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Outer cone

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