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Tilt button spring

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Tilt button spring

Tilt button spring

Tilt button spring for 4D sander 

The tilt button spring on a 4D single-brush sander is a mechanical element that plays a role in the operation of the appliance. It is located near the handle and tilting mechanism of the sander.

The main role of the tilt button spring is to provide a return force that keeps the sander's tilt mechanism in a specific position. When you press the tilt button to adjust the angle of the sander, the spring compresses. Once you release the button, the spring relaxes and returns the tilting mechanism to its original position.

It is important to keep the tilt button spring in good working order, as it ensures that the sander's tilt remains stable. If the spring is worn or broken, this can lead to problems such as:

1. Unstable tilt: If the spring does not provide sufficient return force, the tilting mechanism may become unstable and not stay in the desired position, which can make it difficult to maintain a constant angle during sanding.

2. Mechanism malfunction: A defective spring can cause the tilting mechanism to jam or catch, making it difficult or impossible to adjust the angle of the sander.

3. Safety risk: A defective spring can also represent a safety risk for the user, as unstable or uncontrolled tilting of the sander can lead to accidents or injury.

The time to change the tilt button spring depends on how worn it is and how well it is working. If you notice any obvious signs of deformation, corrosion or loss of return force, it is time to replace the spring. Avoid using the single disc sander if you suspect a problem with the tilt button spring and replace it as soon as possible to ensure safe and efficient operation. As always, it's best to follow Repex Floor's recommendations for the maintenance and replacement of parts on your single disc sander. This way you benefit from qualified after-sales service.

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Tilt button spring

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