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Sleeve feed wire

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Sleeve feed wire 14010155

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Sleeve feed wire

Sleeve feed wire

Sleeve feed wire for 4D sander 

The sleeve feed wire on the single-brush sander is an electrical cable that provides the power needed to operate the appliance. The single-brush sander is used in a variety of applications, such as floor maintenance, stripping, sanding and polishing surfaces.

The power cord is connected to a power source, usually a socket, and transmits the electric current to the sander's motor. The motor then drives the disc attached to the bottom of the machine, allowing the user to perform treatment operations on the surfaces.

It is essential to ensure that the power cord is in good condition, without damage or cuts, to avoid any risk of electrocution and to ensure that the single-brush sander operates safely. Therefore, before using the appliance, we recommend that you check the integrity of the wire and replace it if necessary.
Over the years, vibrations may cause the power cord to move. 

There are several reasons why it is not advisable to leave the power cord protruding from the handle of the single-brush sander:

1. Safety: When the power cord protrudes from the sander handle, it becomes more vulnerable to damage, such as cuts, tears or abrasion. This can lead to electrical failure, short circuits or even the risk of electrocution to the user.
2. Entanglement: A power cord protruding from the handle can become entangled in surrounding objects, disrupting the sanding process or even causing falls or accidents.

3. Premature wear: The power cord is subject to mechanical stress when exposed, which can lead to premature wear of the cable and even electrical problems.

For all these reasons, it is preferable to keep the power cord properly stored and secured by using appropriate fasteners to hold it in place. 

Always take care not to pinch or jam the cable during use to avoid any risk of damage.

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Sleeve feed wire

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