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Handlebar linkage

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Handlebar linkage 14032400

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Handlebar linkage

Handlebar linkage

Handlebar linkage for 4D 4D single-brush sander

The Handlebar linkage of a 4D single-brush sander is a mechanical element that plays an important role in the structure and stability of the machine's handle. It is a solid metal bar attached to the inside of the sander's handle, and extends along the length of the handle.

The main function of the handle rod is to reinforce the handle and give it rigidity. It helps prevent any excessive bending or deformation of the handle during use of the single-brush sander. The handle rod also helps maintain proper stability of the entire unit during operation, which is essential for efficient and accurate sanding or polishing.

When to change the handle rod depends on its state of wear and structural strength.
Here are some signs that it may be time to replace it:

1. Deformation or cracks: if you notice signs of wear, deformation or cracks on the handle rod, this may indicate a loss of rigidity or stability of the handle.

2. Excessive play: if you notice excessive play or loose movement in the handle while using the sander, this may be caused by a worn handle rod.
3. General wear and tear: frequent use of the single-brush sander can lead to normal wear and tear of the handle rod, which can affect its performance.

It is important to replace the handle rod as soon as you notice any signs of wear or damage, to ensure safe and efficient use of the single-brush sander. If you are unsure of the condition of the handle rod or how to replace it, we recommend that you call on Repex Floor's qualified service department to carry out this operation. As the handle bar is essential to the stability and operation of the unit, it is important to ensure that it is in good condition to avoid any risk of accident or injury during use.

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Handlebar linkage

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