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4D switch

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4D switch 14030800

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4D switch

4D switch

4D switch 24 volt  sander 

A 24 volt handle switch on the 4D single-brush sander is a device that controls the starting and stopping of the sander motor. It is within easy reach of the user while the sander is in use.

The handle switch plays an important role in the safety and operation of the single-brush sander. When the switch is pressed, the electrical circuit is closed, allowing current to flow and start the sander motor. When you release the switch, the circuit opens, stopping the motor and ending the operation of the appliance.

When to change the handle switch? This may depend on a number of factors:

1. Wear: like any electrical component subject to repeated use, the stick switch can wear out over time. If you notice that the switch is increasingly difficult to engage or disengage, this may be a sign of wear and tear and it's time to replace it.

2. Malfunction: If the switch does not operate reliably, or if it sparks or makes unusual noises when operated, this may indicate a problem and that it needs to be replaced.
3. Safety: if the switch does not activate correctly or if it does not cut off the power supply to the motor when you release it, this may represent a safety risk for the user. In this case, the switch must be replaced immediately to avoid any potential danger.

It is essential to replace the handle switch with a replacement model specified by Repex Floor to ensure compatibility and safety of the single brush sander. If you are unsure of the replacement procedure or are experiencing problems with the switch, it is best to call Repex Floor service, who are qualified to carry out this operation. User safety is paramount, and electrical repairs should always be carried out with care.

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4D switch

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