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Switch lever

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Switch lever 14030400

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Switch lever

Switch lever

Switch lever for 4D single-brush sander

The switch lever on a single-brush sander is an essential device that makes it easy to start and stop the appliance. It acts as an on/off switch for the sander motor. When you press the lever, the electrical circuit closes, allowing current to flow and start the sander motor. When you release the lever, the electrical circuit opens, stopping the motor and ending the operation of the appliance.

The switch lever is usually located on the handle of the single-brush sander, so that it is easily accessible and can be manipulated with the user's hand while the appliance is in use. This makes it quick and easy to switch the sander on and off.

A safety switch can also be fitted to prevent unintentional starts, which is particularly important when plugging in or unplugging the single-brush sander.

In summary, the switch lever is a crucial element in the safe and efficient use of the single disc sander, as it allows the user to easily control the operation of the machine by starting and stopping it as required.

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Switch lever

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