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Handle body

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Handle body

Handle body

Handle body for the 4D single brush.

The aluminium handle body of the 4D single disc machine refers to the upper part of the machine's handle. It is designed by Repex Floor. 

The purpose of the handle in a single disc sander is to provide a convenient and ergonomic means of holding and controlling the machine during use.  It is an essential part of the design of the single disc sander as it offers several advantages:

1. Control: the handle allows the operator to maintain a firm and stable grip on the machine, making it easier to control the sander during the work process.

2. Balance: the presence of a handle balances the weight of the machine, reducing fatigue for the craftsman during prolonged use.

3. Manoeuvrability: by holding the handle, the operator can easily steer the sander in different directions and adjust the pressure exerted on the surface to be sanded or polished.

4. Safety: the handle allows the operator to maintain a safe distance from the work area, avoiding any risk of accidental contact with the moving surface or abrasive tools.

5. Precision: by providing a comfortable grip, the handle helps to achieve more precise movements and to specifically target areas that require particular attention.
In short, the handle on a single-brush sander is an essential element for making work easier, guaranteeing safety and improving the efficiency of the sanding, polishing or surface cleaning process.
There are various reasons why you might need to change the handle body on a 4D single disc sander:

1. Wear: With regular use, the handle can become worn, cracked or deformed, which can affect its functionality and safety. It is therefore important to take care of it, despite the robustness of the product.

2. Physical damage: Shocks or accidents can damage the handle, making it unusable or dangerous to use.

When it is time to change the handle body, only one designed by Repex Floor can be adapted to benefit from after-sales service.

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Handle body

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