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Rubber end

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Rubber end

Rubber end


The rubber end of the Ouragan heavy-duty sander's cable is an important component in protecting the electrical cable and ensuring user safety. Here's what it's used for, and some information on where and when it may need replacing:

Function of the rubber cable end :
The rubber end cap is usually located at the end of the sander's electrical cable, where it connects to the sander itself. Its main function is to protect the electrical connection, prevent dust and dirt from entering the sander, and provide electrical insulation for user safety. It also prevents the cable from bending or twisting excessively, which could damage the internal wires.

Potential wear points :

Wear points on the rubber end of the cable can depend on several factors:

- Mechanical wear: Due to regular use of the sander, the rubber end cap may wear over time due to repeated rubbing, twisting and bending of the cable.

- Physical damage: Physical damage such as cuts, tears or punctures to the tip can occur in the event of impacts, falls or rough handling of the sander.

- Rubber aging: The rubber used to manufacture the tip may age over time, becoming less flexible and less resistant to mechanical stress.

Time of replacement :
The exact moment to replace the rubber end of the cable will depend on a number of factors, including the quality of manufacture of the end, the frequency of use of the sander and working conditions. Here are a few signs that may indicate it's time to replace the end cap:

- Visible damage: Visible damage such as cuts, tears or perforations in the bit require immediate replacement.

- Excessive wear: If the rubber tip shows obvious signs of wear, such as frayed edges or deformation, we recommend replacing it.

- Loss of flexibility: If the tip becomes stiff, less flexible or loses its ability to conform to the shape of the sander, this may indicate an ageing of the material.

- Safety issues: If the bit no longer fulfills its function as an electrical insulator or electrical connection protector, this may present a safety risk to the user.

It is essential to regularly check the condition of the cable's rubber end cap, and to replace it if in doubt or if there are any signs of damage. Ensuring a secure electrical connection and protecting the cable is important for the safety of the user and the smooth operation of the sander.

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Rubber end

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