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Motor fan

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Motor fan 19102

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Motor fan

Motor fan

Motor fan for OURAGAN sander 

The motor fan in the engine compartment of the Ouragan heavy-duty sander plays a crucial role in the cooling system for the sander's electric motor. Here are its functions and information on wear points:

Role of the motor fan :
The main function of the motor fan is to dissipate the heat generated by the sander's electric motor. When the motor is running, it generates heat due to friction and electrical resistance in its internal components. Excessive heat can damage the motor, shorten its life and affect the performance of the sander. The motor fan is designed to remove this heat by circulating air around the motor to cool it.

Wear points and when to change it :
The motor fan is generally a durable part, but it can still show signs of wear or malfunction. Here are some signs that the motor fan may need changing:

1. Motor overheating: If the sander motor frequently overheats, even during normal use, this may indicate a problem with the fan.

2. Reduced performance: A reduction in the sander's performance, such as a loss of power or a less constant rotation speed, may be linked to a cooling problem due to the fan.

3. Abnormal noises: Unusual noises or vibrations coming from the motor part may be signs of a fan malfunction.

4. Excessive heating: If the motor housing becomes very hot to the touch during use, this may indicate that the fan is not operating correctly.

5. Regular inspection: It is advisable to check the fan during regular maintenance of the sander. Make sure it is clean, free of debris and rotating freely.

How often you need to change the motor fan will depend on a number of factors, including how often you use the sander and the working conditions. If you observe any of the above signs or have any doubts about the condition of the fan, it is best to call in a repair professional or the manufacturer's after-sales service to carry out an assessment and, if necessary, replace the part. An efficient cooling system is essential to prolong the life of the sander and ensure optimum performance.

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Motor fan

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