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Handle tube Major

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Handle tube Major 12010501

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Handle tube Major

Sleeve tube Major

Handle tube Major Force sanders 

The Major sander handle tube is a mechanical component that forms part of the sander handle mechanism. Its main role is to provide structural support for the sander, allowing the user to hold and manipulate the sander while sanding. The handle tube also contributes to the stability of the sander by holding the handle in place.

Here's how it works and when it may need changing:

How the handle tube works :

1. Handle Support: The handle tube acts as a solid support for the sander handle, allowing the user to hold and control the machine while sanding.

2. Structural Stability: Helps maintain the structural stability of the sander by ensuring that the handle is correctly attached and in position.

Handle tube wear points:

1. Wear due to use: The handle tube may undergo normal wear over time due to the movements and forces exerted during use of the sander.

2. Physical damage: Shocks, impacts or excessive stress can damage the handle tube, causing scratches, cracks or deformation.

3. Ageing: Depending on the materials of construction and frequency of use, the handle tube may age and lose its ability to hold the handle steady.

When is it necessary to change the part?

When to change the handle tube will depend on the severity of wear, damage or loss of effectiveness of the part. Here are some indications that suggest it is time to replace this part:

1. Serious damage: If you observe cracks, significant deformation or other visible damage to the handle tube, it is recommended that it be replaced.

2. Handle instability: If the handle becomes unstable, moves unintentionally or does not stay securely in place due to problems with the handle tube, it should be replaced.

3. Loss of comfort: If the sander becomes uncomfortable to use due to problems with the handle or handle tube, this may indicate a problem.

4. Safety hazard: If the handle tube is damaged in such a way as to create a potential safety hazard to the user, it must be replaced immediately.

Replacing the handle tube can vary in complexity depending on the model of sander and the specific design. It is recommended that you follow the Repex Floor manufacturer's recommendations for maintenance and replacement of parts and, if necessary, call in a qualified professional to carry out this operation. Also, be sure to follow all safety procedures when servicing or replacing components on your sander.

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Handle tube Major

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