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3 groove motor pulley - Repex Floor
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3 groove motor pulley

Reference -1912B

3 groove motor pulley 1912B

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3 groove motor pulley

3 groove motor pulley 

for OURAGAN sander (old model) 

The 3 groove motor pulley in the motor part of the Ouragan heavy sander is an essential component in the operation of the machine. Here's what it does and some information on its wear points:

Role of the 3 groove motor pulley :
The motor pulley is a mechanical part that forms part of the sander's power transmission system. It is generally associated with the transmission belt. The main role of the motor pulley is to receive the rotation of the electric motor and transmit it to the belt. The belt in turn transfers this rotation to the sanding plate, enabling the sander to operate and sand surfaces efficiently.

Wear points and when to change it : 
The 3 groove motor pulley is subject to normal wear due to friction and the constant stress exerted on it during operation of the sander. Here are some signs that the motor pulley may need changing:

1.  Visible wear: Inspect the pulley regularly for signs of wear such as deep gouges, cracks or deformation. If the pulley is visibly damaged, it should be replaced.

2.  Abnormal noise: If you hear unusual noises coming from the motor part of the sander, this may indicate a problem with the pulley. Squeaking, rattling or excessive friction noises can be signs of wear.

3.  Poor performance: If the sander does not work properly, if it has difficulty starting or maintaining a constant speed, this may be due to a defective motor pulley.

4.  Regular check: In general, it is recommended to check the condition of the motor pulley at each preventive maintenance of the sander. If you notice any signs of wear, it is best to replace it as soon as possible to avoid damaging other components of the machine.

The frequency with which you need to change the motor pulley will depend on the use of the sander and the quality of the original part. Be sure to follow the sander manufacturer's Repex Floor recommendations for maintenance and parts replacement. If you're not sure about the condition of your motor pulley, it's best to call in a professional for an assessment and replacement if necessary.

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3 groove motor pulley

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