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Capacitor box

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Capacitor box 1948

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Capacitor box

Capacitor box

for OURAGAN sander 

The capacitor box on the Ouragan heavy duty sander is an essential electrical component that plays a part in starting the sander's electric motor. Here's what it does and some information about where it wears out and when it may need replacing:

Function of the capacitor case :
The capacitor case is a component of the sander's electric motor starting system. It contains an electrical capacitor that stores electrical energy while the machine is starting. When the user starts the sander, the capacitor rapidly discharges its energy, providing an initial peak of power to the motor. This overcomes high starting forces, helping the motor to reach its normal operating speed.

Potential wear points :

Wear points on the capacitor housing can depend on several factors:

- Electronic wear: The internal components of the case, including the capacitor itself, can wear out over time due to the constant electrical loads during motor starting. This can lead to a loss of efficiency when starting the motor.

- Electrical overload: If the motor is subjected to frequent overloads, the capacitor and housing may suffer premature damage.

- Physical damage: Physical damage, such as shock, vibration or harsh environmental conditions, can damage the housing or capacitor components.

Time of replacement :
The exact timing of capacitor housing replacement will depend on several factors, including build quality, frequency of sander use and working conditions. Here are some signs that might indicate it's time to replace the capacitor case:

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- Difficulty starting: If the motor has difficulty starting, or fails to start at all, this may indicate a problem with the capacitor or housing.

- Visible damage: Visible damage such as cracks, chips or deformation of the housing requires immediate replacement.

- Loss of starting efficiency: If you notice a loss of efficiency in starting the motor, this may be a sign of a malfunctioning capacitor case.

- Excessive heat: If the case becomes excessively hot during operation, this may indicate a problem.

It is advisable to have the capacitor case inspected by a professional if in doubt, or if there are any signs of malfunction. Ensuring reliable motor starting is essential to the sander's smooth operation.

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Capacitor box

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