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Brushing pack

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Brushing pack 14200000

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Brushing pack

Brushing pack 

Brushing pack for 4D single-brush machine, consisting of 5 wire brushes and 5 60-grit brushes in a case
The brushing pack for the 4D single-brush machine is a complete and effective solution, containing 5 wire brushes and 5 60-grit brushes in a case, along with a clever spatula for easy removal from the 4D plate. This pack goes beyond simple functionality, offering a truly transformative experience for your floors.

Versatility in a suitcase:

With a variety of metal and 60-grit brushes at your disposal, this pack expands your brushing possibilities. From aggressive stripping jobs to more delicate finishes, each brush is carefully selected to suit different needs. The case offers practical organisation, ensuring you always have the right brush to hand.

Ingenious spatula for easy use:

The included spatula simplifies the process of changing brushes on the 4D tray. Its practical design makes it easy to detach, ensuring a quick transition between different brushes without compromising the efficiency of your work. An accessory that adds a touch of practicality to your brushing experience.

Revolutionary use:

The main purpose of this pack is to brush the parquet, an ingenious method for creating natural veins in the wood and giving your floor an almost 3D aged look. The resulting effect transcends simple renovation, bringing a unique aesthetic to your spaces, capturing the essence of time as it passes.

When to consider replacement :

Although metal and 60-grit brushes are designed for maximum durability, their effectiveness can diminish over time. Consider replacement when you notice a significant loss of performance, ensuring that each use continues to deliver that 3D aged effect, enhancing the natural beauty of your floor.

In conclusion, the 4D Monobrush Brushing Pack goes beyond simply providing accessories, it offers a complete experience for revitalising your floors. With practical organisation, an ingenious spatula and carefully selected brushes, this pack is the key to dynamically redefining the aesthetics of your spaces. Don't underestimate its impact, and look after it for exceptional results every time you use it.

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Brushing pack

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