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Suction skirt

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Suction skirt

Suction skirt

Suction skirt for the 4D single-brush sander

The suction skirt under the 4D single-brush sander is an essential part of the sander's suction system. It creates a vacuum under the sander for optimum suction. It is located underneath the sander and is designed to collect dust, debris and particles generated during the sanding process.

The vacuum skirt serves several purposes:

1. Dust collection: when the sander is running, the suction skirt presses against the work surface, creating a seal that effectively sucks up the dust and residues generated by the sanding process.

2. Maintaining a clean environment: by sucking up dust directly at source, the vacuum skirt helps maintain a cleaner working environment, reducing the amount of airborne dust and preventing it from spreading around the room.

3. Improved health and safety: reducing dust in the air can help prevent respiratory problems and allergies in the sander operator and others in the work area.

4. Improved sanding performance: by keeping the work surface clear of dust and debris, the extraction skirt allows better visibility and better contact between the sander and the surface, thus improving sanding performance.

When to change the dust skirt depends on how worn it is and how well it collects dust.

Here are a few signs that may indicate it's time to change the part:

1. Visible wear: if you notice that the suction skirt is torn, worn, deformed or damaged, this may compromise its dust-collecting efficiency.

2. Leaking dust: if you notice that the skirt is not creating a watertight seal with the work surface and is leaking dust, this means that it is not working properly and needs to be replaced.

3. Reduced suction efficiency: if you notice that the sander is no longer sucking up dust properly, or that the amount of dust on the work surface is greater than before, this may be due to wear on the suction skirt.

We recommend checking the condition of the suction skirt regularly, and replacing it as soon as signs of wear or failure appear. A suction skirt in good condition helps maintain a clean and safe working environment, while improving the sanding performance of the 4D single-brush sander.

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Suction skirt

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