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Parquet glue plate

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Parquet glue plate 14120000

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Parquet glue plate

Parquet glue plate

Parquet glue plate for 4D  single-brush machine Ø 406

Used to remove glue from under wooden floors, carpets or other coverings when the glue layer is present but not too hard.

Its pads are interchangeable 

The Parquet Glue Pad, specifically designed for the 4D sander, plays an essential role in the process of removing glue from wood. Its 406 mm diameter makes it ideal for working on large surfaces.

The main function of this plate is its ability to effectively remove glue, offering a specialist solution for situations where the presence of glue is noticeable. The possibility of interchanging the pads is a practical advantage, allowing continuous adaptation to different working conditions.

As for when to consider replacing this part, it's crucial to keep a close eye on pad wear or any signs of reduced performance. In the event of pad degradation, informed replacement is recommended to maintain optimum levels of efficiency during glue removal operations.

In short, the Parquet Glue Pad is a specialised and versatile solution for removing glue, offering practical adaptability and maximum efficiency. Proactive management of its replacement, based on the observation of signs of wear, guarantees continued, high-performance use of the 4D sander in demanding conditions.

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Parquet glue plate

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