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4D plate

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4D plate

4D plate

4D plate​ for monobrush 4D Only for the 4D Multidisk 2.2 kw

The 4D plate designed for the 4D single disc machine plays a crucial role in the sanding phases for wood and concrete applications. Comprising 4 motorised, rotating Velcro discs, it ensures powerful, even sanding during the finishing stages for wood. This platen is specifically designed for use with satellite platens compatible with all 150 mm diameter velcro sanding discs, and operates at a speed of 351 rpm.

Replacement of this part may be necessary in the following circumstances:

1. Velcro disc wear: If the discs prematurely show signs of significant wear, such as tears or reduced sanding efficiency, it may be advisable to replace the platen.

2. Motor failure: In the event of failure of the motor responsible for rotating the discs, replacement of the platen would be essential to keep the sander running smoothly.

3. Structural damage: Physical damage, such as cracks or deformation on the platen, could affect its performance, warranting replacement.

4. Changing work requirements: If work requirements change and require a different type of sanding, the platen may need to be replaced to adapt to these new requirements.

In summary, the 4D plate is an essential component for efficient sanding operations, and timely replacement is crucial to ensure optimum performance.

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4D plate

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