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10 KG cast-iron counterweight for 4D single-brush sander

Up to 2 counterweights for optimum use of the machine.

The Counterweight transcends its status as an accessory to become the essential linchpin of an optimal sanding experience. By allowing up to two counterweights, this adjustable part is at the heart of the machine's balance, transforming the sanding process into a fluid, ergonomic experience.

Perfect balance for effortless manoeuvrability:

The counterweight is not there simply to compensate for the weight of the sanding pad head, but to ensure optimum balance. This feature makes the 4D sander easier to manoeuvre, considerably reducing operator fatigue. Every movement becomes a precise dance, allowing total control of the machine.

Adjustability for a customised fit:

The adjustable nature of the counterweight offers unparalleled customisation. Operators can adjust the configuration to suit the specific requirements of each project, ensuring perfect adaptation to a variety of surfaces and working conditions. This flexibility translates into increased efficiency, whether for delicate finishing projects or more robust work.

Reduced fatigue, improved performance:

By eliminating the excessive load on the operator, the counterweight helps to reduce fatigue, allowing prolonged use without compromising the quality of the work. As well as offering greater comfort, this proper balancing translates into better performance from the sander. Uniform contact with the surface to be treated is ensured, guaranteeing impeccable results every time.

When to consider replacement :

Although the counterweight is designed to withstand rigorous conditions of use, it's crucial to keep an eye on its condition, even if it's made to last a long, long time!

In short, the counterweight on the 4D sander doesn't just balance the machine, it revolutionises your approach to sanding. With its central role in reducing fatigue, improving performance, and its unrivalled adaptability, this part deserves special attention.

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