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5D Plate - Repex Floor
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5D Plate

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5D Plate 14170000

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5D Plate

5D Plate

5D Plate Ø 150 mm, only for 2.2 kw and 1500 watts

With its 5 Velcro discs of Ø 150 mm, it makes it possible to carry out the finishing stages more delicately and precisely for a very high quality finish.

The 5D Pad, specifically designed for the 4D sander, stands out for its exclusive use on wooden floors, where it excels in the sanding activity. Its special feature is its 5 Velcro discs with a diameter of 150 mm, a configuration that goes beyond the norm by enabling the finishing stages to be carried out with exceptional delicacy and precision, delivering a very high quality finish.

This equipment finds its full potential in the achievement of detailed and sophisticated finishes. The strategic placement of the Velcro discs facilitates precise sanding, while preserving the natural texture and aesthetics of wood floors.

When it comes to replacing this essential part, it's crucial to keep an eye out for any signs of disc wear or reduced performance over time. Proactive replacement, as soon as necessary, not only guarantees the continuity of a very high quality finish, but also constant efficiency in finishing operations, underlining the importance of maintaining the equipment at its highest level of performance.

Don't hesitate to ask our technical team any questions you may have.

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5D Plate

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