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Wheelset axle - Repex Floor
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Wheelset axle

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Wheelset axle 1215

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Wheelset axle

Wheelset axle

for OURAGAN and MISTRAL sanders with adjustable wheel 

The wheelset axle is an essential mechanical part that plays a crucial role in the movement mechanism of the sander's wheels. This part is generally located in the centre of the wheel train and provides the link between the wheels and the structure of the sander.

The role of the wheel axle is to allow the sander's wheels to rotate, enabling the machine to move smoothly over different surfaces when sanding. When the user uses the wheel support lever to adjust the height of the wheels, the axle facilitates the vertical movement of the wheels, allowing the desired sanding depth to be set.

The axle also ensures that the wheels are stable and correctly aligned when the sander is in use. A well-fixed axle ensures that the wheels stay in place and do not have excessive play, which is essential for accurate, even sanding.

When should I consider changing my wheel axle?

1. Wear: like any moving mechanical part, the axle can wear over time and after regular use. If you notice that the axle is showing signs of wear, such as deformation, cracks or misalignment of the wheels, it's time to replace it.

2. Excessive play: if the axle shows excessive play or unwanted movements, this can affect the stability of the wheels and cause the sander to move incorrectly when sanding. In this case, the spindle must be replaced to ensure correct alignment and operation of the wheels.

3. Damage: shocks, impacts or inappropriate use can damage the axle, which can compromise its correct operation and alignment.

In conclusion, the axle is a crucial mechanical part that ensures the rotation of the wheels and allows the sander to move during sanding. If you notice any signs of wear, excessive play or damage to the axle, we recommend that you replace it. Make sure you choose a replacement spindle guaranteed by Repex Floor. Regular replacement of the axle will help to maintain optimum performance of the belt sander and ensure accurate and even sanding on all surfaces.

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Wheelset axle

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