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Wheel support lever

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Wheel support lever 1201

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Wheel support lever

Wheel support lever

for OURAGAN PLO belt grinder

The wheel support lever is an essential mechanical part that plays a crucial role in the operation and movement of the sander. This part is located on the lower part of the belt sander, where the wheels are located.

The purpose of the wheel support lever is to adjust the height of the sander wheels. By adjusting the height of the wheels, the user can set the desired sanding depth, which is particularly important for obtaining accurate and uniform sanding on different surfaces and materials.

Using the lever, the user can easily raise or lower the sander wheels, allowing the sander to be adapted to the height of the surface to be sanded. For example, if the user wants to sand more deeply on a rough surface, they can lower the wheels to increase the pressure and sanding depth. Conversely, for lighter sanding on a delicate surface, the wheels can be raised to reduce the pressure and give a softer finish.

When should the wheel support lever be replaced?

1. Wear: like any mechanical part subject to repetitive movements, the wheel support lever can wear out with time and regular use. If you notice that the lever is showing signs of wear, such as deformation or cracks, or if it becomes difficult to operate, it's time to replace it.

2. Malfunction: if the lever is no longer working properly and no longer allows the wheel height to be adjusted smoothly and accurately, it may be necessary to replace the part. A faulty lever may result in inadequate wheel height adjustment, which could affect the quality and uniformity of the sanding.

3. Damage: shocks or impacts can damage the wheel support lever, which can compromise its operation and its ability to adjust wheel height optimally.

In conclusion, the wheel support lever is an essential part that enables the height of the wheels to be adjusted for precise sanding adapted to the surface to be treated. If you notice any signs of wear, malfunction or damage to the lever, it is recommended that you replace it to ensure accurate and efficient wheel height adjustment. Make sure you choose a quality replacement lever guaranteed by Repex Floor and follow the installation instructions. Regular replacement of the wheel support lever will help maintain optimum performance of the belt sander and ensure quality sanding results on all surfaces.

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Wheel support lever

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