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Threaded plate

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Threaded plate 12072

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Threaded plate

Threaded plate M10/150  

M10/150 FLAT

for OURAGAN belt grinder

The threaded plate is an essential mechanical part that plays an important role in the mechanism for fixing and adjusting the sander wheels. This part is located in the structure of the sander, and is equipped with threads that allow the wheels to be screwed and fixed in place.

The purpose of the threaded insert is to provide a solid attachment point for the wheel fixing screws. The screws are screwed into the threads of the threaded insert, which holds the wheels in position and allows them to be adjusted to the desired height. The threaded insert thus ensures the stability of the wheels during sanding and allows the user to adjust the height of the wheels to suit different thicknesses of material.

When should I consider changing the threaded insert?

1. Wear: like any mechanical part subject to frequent fixing and adjustment, the threaded insert can wear over time and after repeated use. If you notice that the threads on the insert are damaged, worn or no longer allow the fixing screws to be tightened properly, it's time to replace it.

2. Poor fixing: if the wheel fixing screws do not remain securely in place in the threaded insert, this may indicate that the part is worn or faulty. Poor fixing can cause the wheels to move incorrectly during sanding, which can affect the quality of the work.

3. Damage: shocks, impacts or incorrect use can damage the threaded insert, which can compromise its ability to hold the fixing screws securely in place.

In conclusion, the threaded insert is a crucial mechanical part that secures and adjusts the wheels to ensure stable and accurate sanding. If you notice any signs of wear, poor attachment or damage to the threaded insert, it is advisable to replace it. Make sure you choose a quality replacement threaded insert and follow Repex Floor's installation instructions. Regular replacement of the threaded insert will help maintain the belt sander's optimum performance and ensure stable, accurate sanding on all surfaces.

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Threaded plate

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