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Secondary lever

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Secondary lever 1202

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Secondary lever

Spare part for secondary lever

for Ouragan PLO heavy duty sander

The secondary wheel support lever is an essential mechanical part that plays an important role in the sander's wheel height adjustment mechanism. This part is usually located next to the main wheel support lever and works in conjunction with it to adjust the height of the wheels.

The role of the secondary lever is to provide additional support to the main lever when adjusting the wheel height. In conjunction with the main lever, it raises or lowers the sander wheels, allowing the sanding depth to be adapted to the surface to be worked. The secondary lever provides additional support to facilitate vertical movement of the wheels.

When the user activates the main lever, the secondary lever comes into play to ensure a balanced distribution of force, enabling the height of the wheels to be adjusted precisely and smoothly. This function is essential for uniform, controlled sanding on different thicknesses of material and surfaces.

When should the secondary lever on the axle be replaced?

1. Wear: like any moving mechanical part, the secondary lever can wear out with time and regular use. If you notice that the lever is showing signs of wear, such as deformation, cracks or poor operation of the adjustment mechanism, it's time to replace it.

2. Difficulty of adjustment: if the secondary lever becomes difficult to handle or use in conjunction with the main lever, this may result in inadequate adjustment of the wheel height. This could affect the quality of sanding by making it difficult to accurately set the desired sanding depth.

3. Damage: shocks or impacts can damage the secondary lever, which can compromise its correct operation and prevent proper wheel height adjustment.

In conclusion, the secondary wheel lever is an important part that provides additional support to the main lever when adjusting wheel height. If you notice any signs of wear, difficulty adjusting or damage to the secondary lever, we recommend that you replace it. Make sure you choose a quality replacement lever and follow the manufacturer's installation instructions. Regular replacement of the secondary lever will help maintain optimum performance of the belt sander and ensure quality sanding results on all surfaces.

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Secondary lever

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