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Wheel tyres

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Wheel tyres 1218

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Wheel tyres

Wheel tyres

for Ouragan PLO heavy duty sander with rubber tyres.

The wheel tyre with rubber tyres is an essential part usually found on sander wheels. This rubber part is specially designed to cover the surface of the sander wheels, providing several important functions.

The role of the wheel tyre is to provide a tough, grippy rubber surface that allows the sander to move smoothly over different surfaces, whether on the floor, wood or other materials. The rubber tyre provides good traction and grip, making it easy to control the sander during use.

In addition, the rubber wheel tyre also helps to absorb some of the vibrations generated by the sander during sanding, reducing operator fatigue and improving comfort while working.

The wheel tyre also offers an essential advantage in preventing damage to the surface being sanded or leaving unwanted marks. Thanks to its rubber design, the tyre provides a soft, supple surface that reduces the risk of abrasion or scratches on the material being sanded.

The rubber wheel tread acts as a protective barrier between the wheel and the surface being sanded. By gliding smoothly over the material, the rubber tyre avoids direct, aggressive contact, minimising the risk of damage. This is particularly important when working on delicate surfaces, such as wood or materials sensitive to scratching.

By combining its properties of grip, vibration absorption and surface protection, the rubber wheel tyre improves the efficiency and quality of sanding. The user benefits from increased control of the sander, greater comfort when working and a high-quality final finish.

It is therefore essential to regularly check the condition of the rubber wheel tyre. If you notice any signs of wear or damage, we strongly recommend that you replace it to preserve its protective properties and ensure quality sanding without the risk of damaging the surface. Regular replacement of the wheel tyre will help prolong the life of the belt sander and ensure impeccable sanding results on all surfaces.

When should I consider changing the wheel tyre on an OURAGAN belt grinder with rubber tyres?

1. Wear: like all rubber parts, the wheel tyre undergoes natural wear over time and with regular use of the sander. If you notice signs of wear such as cracks, tears or a wheel surface that has become smooth, it's time to change the tyre. Excessive wear of the tyre can lead to a loss of grip and affect the smooth running of the sander, or even cause excessive vibration.

2. Reduced grip: if the wheel tyre loses its grip, the sander may have difficulty moving smoothly, which can make it difficult to control the machine while sanding. If you notice that the sander is slipping or not moving properly, it's time to replace the tyre.

3. Deformation or damage: impacts, shocks or inappropriate use may cause deformation of the wheel tyre or damage that affects its operation. In such cases, the tyre must be replaced to ensure good grip and optimum use of the sander.

In conclusion, the wheel tyre with its rubber tyres plays a crucial role in the smooth running and movement of the sander. If you notice any signs of wear, reduced grip, deformation or damage to the tyre, we recommend that you replace it. Make sure you choose a quality replacement wheel tyre from our Repex Floor services. Regular replacement of the rubber wheel tyre will ensure safe and efficient use of the belt sander and extend its life.

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Wheel tyres

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