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Foam rubber shock absorber - Repex Floor
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Foam rubber shock absorber

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Foam rubber shock absorber 1206

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Foam rubber shock absorber

Foam rubber shock absorber

for OURAGAN belt sanders

The shock-absorbing foam rubber in the wheels is a mechanical part designed to absorb the shocks and vibrations generated during operation of the sander. This part is located between the wheels and the structure of the sander, acting as a buffer between the moving components and the frame of the machine.

The role of the shock-absorbing foam rubber is to reduce the vibrations and impacts that could be transmitted to the structure of the sander during sanding. This can help to improve user comfort while using the sander and reduce fatigue. In addition, this cushioning also helps to protect the sander itself by absorbing some of the force generated during sanding, which can extend the life of the machine.

When should I consider changing the shock-absorbing foam rubber?

1. Wear and tear: like all foam rubber materials, the shock absorber can wear out with time and continuous use. If you notice the shock absorber showing signs of wear such as tears, cracks, significant deformation or loss of elasticity, it's time to replace it.

2. Reduced efficiency: if you notice that the shock absorber is no longer able to effectively reduce vibrations or shocks during operation of the sander, this may indicate a loss of efficiency of the part. In this case, it is recommended that you replace the shock absorber to maintain the sander's optimum performance.

3. Degradation: exposure to adverse environmental conditions, humidity, chemicals or extreme temperatures can lead to premature degradation of the foam rubber damper. If you notice any significant changes in the appearance or texture of the shock absorber, it is advisable to replace it.

In conclusion, the foam rubber damper is an important part that helps to reduce vibrations and impacts during sanding, improving user comfort and protecting the sander itself. If you notice any signs of wear, reduced efficiency or degradation of the shock absorber, it is recommended that you replace it. Make sure you choose a quality replacement shock absorber and follow Repex Floor's installation instructions. Regular replacement of the foam rubber shock absorber will help maintain the belt sander's optimum performance and ensure a more comfortable and efficient sanding experience.

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Foam rubber shock absorber

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