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Tension support

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Tension support 12130101

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Tension support

Tension support

Tension support for MAJOR CYCLONE TORNADE TYPHON2 sanders

The motor tension support in a sander is an important component that performs several essential functions.

Here are its main functions and wear points to watch out for:

Functions of the motor tension support :

1. Motor stabilization: The motor tension support holds the sander motor securely in place, ensuring that it remains properly aligned and in contact with other components. This ensures stable, efficient operation of the sander.

2. Vibration reduction : The tension support helps reduce motor vibration during operation. This improves operator comfort and can extend the life of sander components.

3. Noise reduction: By keeping the motor stable, the tension support can also help reduce the noise generated by the sander during sanding.

Wear points to watch for on the motor tension support :

1. Deterioration of materials: The motor tensioning bracket is generally made from resistant materials, but it can wear down over time due to constant vibration and mechanical stress. Material deterioration can weaken its ability to hold the motor securely in place.

2. Cracks or breaks: The tension support may crack or break as a result of excessive stress, intensive vibration or physical shock.

3. Loosening or weakening of fasteners: The fasteners holding the tension bracket in place may loosen or weaken over time, compromising motor stability.

It is usually necessary to replace the motor tension support when any of the following occurs:

1. You notice a significant increase in vibration or noise while using the sander, even after checking and tightening all fasteners.

2. Visual inspection reveals cracks, breaks or significant deterioration of the tension support.

3. The sander motor does not remain correctly aligned, which may lead to uneven component wear or performance problems.

4. Operator safety is compromised by motor stability problems.

The exact time to change this part will depend on the frequency of use of the sander, the intensity of the work performed and the quality of maintenance. We recommend that you contact Repex Floor for specific recommendations concerning maintenance and replacement of the motor tension support. As a general rule, it's best to follow a regular maintenance program to keep your sander running smoothly.

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Tension support

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