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30A thermal circuit breaker - Repex Floor
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30A thermal circuit breaker

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30A thermal circuit breaker 12130502

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30A thermal circuit breaker

30A thermal circuit breaker

30A thermal circuit breaker for MAJOR CYCLONE TYPHON2 TORNADE sanders

The 30A thermal circuit breaker in the motor part of the sander is an essential electrical component that plays a crucial role in protecting the electric motor against electrical overloads and overheating.

Here are its main functions and the wear points to watch out for:

Function of the 30A thermal circuit breaker :

1. Overheating protection: The thermal circuit breaker monitors the temperature of the sander motor. When the temperature rises above a safe level due to prolonged use or overload, the circuit breaker automatically cuts off the power supply to prevent the motor from overheating.

2. Electrical overload protection: In addition to thermal protection, the 30A circuit breaker limits the electrical current supplied to the motor. If the motor is subjected to an electrical overload, the circuit breaker may also trip to prevent damage to the motor or electrical components.

Wear points to watch out for on the 30A thermal circuit breaker :

1. Frequent tripping: A thermal circuit breaker that trips frequently may indicate an underlying problem, such as excessive motor overheating. This may be due to prolonged use or recurrent overloading.

2. Malfunction: Thermal circuit breakers can also wear out or deteriorate over time, which can lead to malfunction. For example, they may not trip when the motor temperature rises above the safety limit.

When is it necessary to change the 30A thermal circuit breaker?

The 30A thermal circuit breaker should be replaced in the following situations:

1. If the circuit breaker trips frequently and this cannot be attributed to normal use of the sander, it may be necessary to check the motor and electrical components for any underlying problems.

2. If the circuit breaker is not working correctly, it must be replaced to ensure the safety of the motor and the user. A faulty circuit-breaker may cause the motor to overheat or lead to an electrical overload.

3. If there is visible physical damage to the circuit breaker, such as cracks, breaks or signs of overheating.

Exactly when you need to change this part will depend on how often you use the sander, how much work you do and how well you maintain it. It is recommended that you contact the Repex Floor manufacturer for specific recommendations regarding maintenance and replacement of the 30A thermal cut-out. In general, it is essential to follow a regular maintenance programme to ensure the correct operation of this part and the safety of the sander.

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30A thermal circuit breaker

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