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Red emergency stop button - Repex Floor
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Red emergency stop button

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Red emergency stop button 12130100

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Red emergency stop button

Red emergency stop button 

Red emergency stop button for MAJOR CYCLONE TYPHON2 TORNADE sanders

The red emergency stop button on the motor part of the sander is an essential safety device designed to stop the machine operating quickly in an emergency.

Here are its main functions and the wear points to watch out for:

Function of the red emergency stop button :

1. Emergency Stop: The emergency stop button is designed to instantly stop the operation of the sander when pressed in an emergency situation. This may be necessary to prevent serious injury or property damage in the event of a problem or imminent danger.

Wear points to watch for on the red emergency stop button:

1. Mechanical wear: The emergency stop button is susceptible to mechanical wear due to repeated pressing. Over time, this can lead to a reduction in button resistance or electrical contact problems.

2. Blocking or jamming : Debris, dust or other substances can accumulate around the emergency stop button, causing it to jam or jam. This can prevent the button from operating properly in an emergency.

When to change the red emergency stop button :

The red emergency stop button must be replaced in the following situations:

1. If the button does not respond correctly when pressed in an emergency. An unreliable button can compromise operator safety.

2. If the button is damaged, cracked or shows obvious visual signs of wear or damage.

3. If the button is stuck or jammed and cannot be pressed in an emergency.

4. If the button is sensitive to vibration or shock and engages unintentionally, it may need to be replaced to prevent unwanted stopping of the sander.

The exact moment when you need to change this part will depend on its use, the working environment and the quality of maintenance. It is essential to maintain the emergency stop button in good working order to ensure operator safety and the ability to react quickly in an emergency situation. If in doubt about the condition of the button or for specific advice, it is advisable to contact the sander's manufacturer, Repex Floor, a machine maintenance professional.

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Red emergency stop button

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