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Female extender 32A - Repex Floor
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Female extender 32A

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Female extender 32A 08050000

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Female extender 32A

Female extender 32A 

Female extender 32A for MAJOR TORNADE CYCLONE TYPHON2 sanders

The female extender 32A (2-pole + earth)  lead on the Cyclone sander is an electrical part used to extend or prolong the electrical connectivity of the appliance. Here are its main functions and the signs of wear to look out for:

Function of the 32A female extender: The 32A female extender allows the Cyclone sander to be connected to a power source using a standard electrical outlet. It extends the reach of the sander's power cord, which can be useful when the sander needs to be used further away from the power socket.

Where and when to replace the 32A female extension lead:

1. Physical damage: The female extension lead may be subject to physical damage, such as cracks, tears, breakage or deformation, particularly if the power cord is subjected to mechanical stress, crushing or contact with heavy objects. Any visible damage to the extension cord must be replaced immediately.

2. Wear of pins or electrical contacts: The pins or electrical contacts of the extender may wear out over time due to friction, moisture or corrosion. Excessive wear can lead to problems with electrical connectivity, such as intermittent power cuts or sparking. If you notice such problems, it is recommended that you replace the extender.

3. Poor connection: If the female extension cord fails to connect securely and safely to the sander's electrical socket or power source, this can lead to power and safety problems. If you are having difficulty obtaining a stable connection, it is time to replace the extension lead.

The frequency of replacement of the 32A female extender will depend on its use and the conditions of use. We recommend that you regularly check the condition of the extender and look out for the signs of wear or failure mentioned above. As soon as you notice any problems with the electrical connection, visible damage or malfunctions, it is important to replace the 32A female extension lead to ensure safe and reliable operation of the Cyclone sander and to avoid any electrical hazards. Make sure you choose a replacement extension lead that is compatible with your model of sander.

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Female extender 32A

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