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Motor voltage button - Repex Floor
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Motor voltage button

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Motor voltage button 12090113

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Motor voltage button

Motor voltage button 

Motor voltage button for MAJOR CYCLONE TYPHON 2 TORNADE sander

The motor voltage button on the belt sander's tension roller is used to adjust the tension of the sanding belt on the tension roller. This holds the belt in place, preventing it from slipping or shifting during operation of the sander. The correct tension setting is essential to ensure efficient and even sanding.

Potential wear points on the tension roller tension knob can include:

1. The handle or knob itself: If the handle or knob is made of plastic or a fragile material, it may wear down over time due to regular use. Signs of wear include cracks, chips or excessive play.

2. Internal components: The internal mechanisms of the tension knob can also wear out over time due to friction and wear. This can lead to a loss of efficiency in tension adjustment.

It is necessary to change the tensioning knob part of the tensioning roller if you observe any of the following signs:

1. Loss of efficiency in tension adjustment: If the knob is no longer able to maintain the tension of the sanding belt at a constant level, it is time to replace it.

2. Visible damage: If the handle or knob is broken, cracked or shows any obvious signs of significant wear, it should be replaced to avoid any safety or performance problems.

3. Excessive play: If the knob has excessive play or excessive lateral movement, this may indicate that the internal components are worn and no longer working properly.

It is important to note that regular maintenance of your belt sander, including the replacement of worn parts, will help to prolong its useful life and ensure optimum sanding results. Be sure to follow the Repex Floor manufacturer's instructions for replacing parts specific to your belt sander model.

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Motor voltage button

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