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single-phase socket

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single-phase socket 12020402

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single-phase socket

Single-phase socket

32A 3-pole IP44 230V

Single-phase socket for MAJOR TORNADE TYPHON2 sanders

The single-phase socket in the motor part of the sander is an essential electrical component that connects the sander to a power source. Here are its main functions and the wear points to look out for:

Function of the single-phase socket :

1. Provide a power supply: This socket allows the sander to be connected to a 230V single-phase power supply. It provides the electrical connection needed to power the sander motor and other electrical components.

Wear points to look out for on the single-phase socket-outlet :

1. Mechanical wear: The metal contacts inside the socket can wear over time due to repeated connection and disconnection. Excessive wear can lead to electrical connection problems, including sparking or loss of power.

2. Physical damage: The plug may be damaged by physical shocks, impacts or other types of mechanical damage, which may affect its correct operation.

When should the 32A 3-pole IP44 230V single-phase socket outlet be replaced?

The single-phase socket-outlet must be replaced in the following situations:

1. If there are obvious signs of wear, corrosion or physical damage to the socket.

2. If the plug does not maintain a stable electrical connection, if you notice sparking or loss of power when plugging in the sander.

3. If the plug is damaged to the extent that it can no longer make a safe and reliable connection to the power source.

4. If you have reason to believe that the plug no longer complies with current electrical safety standards, it should also be replaced.

Exactly when you need to replace this part will depend on how it is used, the environment in which it is used and how well it is maintained. It is important to keep the plug in good working order to ensure operator safety and reliable operation of the sander. If in doubt about the condition of the plug or for specific advice, we recommend that you contact a qualified electrician or the sander manufacturer, Repex Floor.

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single-phase socket

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