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Sleeve lock switch cap - Repex Floor
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Sleeve lock switch cap

Reference -14010121

Sleeve lock switch cap 14010121

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Sleeve lock switch cap

Sleeve lock switch cap

Sleeve lock switch cap for the 4D single-brush sander 

Fits with switch ref 140117 

The handle lock switch cap on a 4D single disc sander is an essential part that performs an important safety function. It serves to protect the sander's handle lock switch, which is responsible for holding the machine's handle in a locked position during continuous use. The handle lock allows you to keep the machine running without having to keep the switch depressed at all times.

When the handle lock switch cap is in place, it prevents dust, debris and moisture from entering the switch, which can cause malfunctions or safety problems. By protecting the handle lock switch, the cap helps to maintain the reliability and longevity of the single-brush sander.

When to change the handle lock switch cap depends on its physical condition and its effectiveness in performing its protective function.
Here are some signs that it's time to replace it:
1. Visible wear: If the cap is cracked, deformed or damaged in any way, it should be replaced.

2. Loss of attachment: If the cap no longer attaches properly to the handle lock switch and is in danger of falling off, it must be replaced to maintain the safety and functionality of the sander.

3. Impaired operation: If the cap is no longer effectively protecting the switch, you may experience problems with the handle locking or switch activation, which could lead to unsafe operation of the sander.

It is recommended that you include regular inspection of the handle lock switch cap as part of your 4D single disc sander maintenance routine. This will allow you to detect any signs of wear or potential failure in good time, to ensure safe and efficient use of the tool.

To replace the cap, please ask for specific information on the replacement procedure.

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Sleeve lock switch cap

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