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Folding handle

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Folding handle 14010101

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Folding handle

Folding handle 

Folding handle for 4D single-brush sander

The folding handle on the frame of a 4D single-brush sander has a feature that allows the user to easily store, transport and handle the unit. When unfolded, the handle acts as a carrying handle, making it easy to move the sander. When folded, it reduces the sander's footprint, making it ideal for storage in confined spaces.

The folding handle offers greater flexibility of use, enabling the user to adjust the sander to suit his or her specific needs. It is particularly useful when transporting the sander between different worksites or work areas, as it reduces the size of the unit for more convenient transport.

When to change the folding handle depends on how worn it is and how well it works.
Here are some signs that it may be time to change this part:

1. Difficulty folding or unfolding the handle: If you notice that the handle doesn't fold or unfold properly, this may be a sign of trouble with this feature.

2. Excessive play: If the handle has excessive play, or moves unsteadily when unfolded, this may indicate wear on the part or a poor fit.

3. Visible damage: If you notice any obvious signs of deformation, cracks or physical damage to the folding handle, it must be replaced.

It is important to replace the folding handle as soon as you notice any signs of wear or malfunction to ensure safe and convenient use of the single-brush sander. If you are unsure of the condition of this part or how to replace it, we recommend that you consult your sander's user manual or call in a qualified professional to carry out this operation. A defective part may affect the ease of use and safety of the unit when in use.

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Folding handle

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