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Cable gland for handle wire - Repex Floor
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Cable gland for handle wire

Reference -14010119

Cable gland for handle wire 14010119

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Cable gland for handle wire

Cable gland for handle wire

Cable gland for handle wire for 4D single disc sander

The handle wire gland on a 4D single disc sander is a mechanical part that plays an important role in managing the electrical wiring to the sander handle. It is usually located where the power supply cable enters the handle of the machine. The cable gland is used to securely fix the cable while providing a watertight seal around the opening in the handle.

The main function of the handle wire gland is to:

1. Secure the cable: it holds the power cable in place in the sander handle, preventing excessive or loose movement of the cable during use.

2. Ensure watertightness: the cable gland creates a watertight barrier around the handle opening, preventing dust, moisture and debris from entering the sander, which could cause electrical problems or compromise user safety.

3. Prevent disconnection: by keeping the cable securely fixed in the handle, the cable gland reduces the risk of accidental disconnection during operation of the sander.

When to change the cable gland depends on its physical condition and its effectiveness in performing its fixing and sealing function. Here are some signs that it is time to replace it:

1. Visible wear: if you notice that the cable gland is showing cracks, deformation, damage or pronounced wear, it needs to be replaced to maintain an adequate seal and secure attachment of the cable.

2. Loose cable: if the cable appears loose or moves excessively in the handle, this may indicate that the cable gland is no longer performing its securing function correctly.
3. Ingress of dust or moisture: If you find that particles of dust, dirt or moisture are getting inside the handle despite the presence of the gland, this may be a sign of failure of this part.

It is recommended that regular inspection of the handle wire gland is included in the maintenance routine of the 4D single disc sander. The gland should be replaced as soon as you notice any signs of wear or failure, in order to maintain the safety and optimum performance of the sander.

Be sure to refer to the Repex instructions for specific information on replacing this part or to order a manufacturer-approved replacement part to ensure tool compatibility and safety.

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Cable gland for handle wire

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