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Plain bearing with PTFE collar - Repex Floor
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Plain bearing with PTFE collar

Reference -14010107

Plain bearing with PTFE collar 14010107

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Plain bearing with PTFE collar

Plain bearing with PTFE collar

Plain bearing with PTFE collar for 4D single-brush sander

A PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) flanged plain bearing on a 4D monobrush sander is a mechanical part that performs a similar function to conventional plain bearings. However, PTFE is a specific material known for its low friction and chemical resistance properties, making it a common choice for applications requiring low lubrication and good wear resistance.

The PTFE flanged plain bearing on a 4D single-brush sander is used to guide and support the moving parts of the tool, reducing friction between the contacting surfaces and ensuring smooth, jolt-free movement. It is commonly used for rotary shafts, handles, gears and other moving parts requiring low friction.

When to change a PTFE flanged plain bearing depends on how worn it is and how well it works.

Here are some signs that it's time to replace it:

1. Visible wear: if you notice any signs of wear such as cracks, deformation or deterioration of the PTFE surface, it should be replaced.

2. Excessive play: excessive play or loose movement between moving parts may indicate wear of the PTFE flanged plain bearing.

3. Increased friction: If you experience increased resistance or friction when the moving parts rotate, this may be due to a worn PTFE plain bearing.

4. Performance degradation: If you notice a degradation in the overall performance of the sander, such as a decrease in power or accuracy, this may be related to damaged PTFE plain bearings.

As with all wear parts, it is recommended to include regular inspection of the PTFE plain bearings in the maintenance routine of the 4D single disc sander. If you notice any signs of wear or failure, it is important to replace the PTFE plain bearings as soon as possible to maintain optimum tool performance and avoid further damage to other sander components.

Be sure to refer to Repex Floor Customer Service for specific information on replacing these parts or to order replacement parts and ensure product compatibility and quality.

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Plain bearing with PTFE collar

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