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Plain bearing with collar

Reference -14010106

Plain bearing with collar 14010106

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Plain bearing with collar

Plain bearing with collar

Plain bearing with collar for 4D single disc sander

The flanged plain bearing on the wheel axle of a 4D single-brush sander is designed to ensure smooth, friction-free movement of the wheel axle. It consists of a metal ring inserted into a housing provided for this purpose on the wheel axle. The flanged plain bearing guides and supports the wheel axle, facilitating its rotation and operation.

The presence of the flanged plain bearing on the wheel axle offers several advantages:

1. Reduced friction : The flanged plain bearing minimises friction between the wheel axle and other moving parts, contributing to smoother, more efficient use of the sander.

2. Vibration absorption: Helps absorb vibrations generated by the rotational movement of the wheel axle, improving user comfort and reducing premature component wear.

3. Stability of movement: By guiding the wheel axle correctly, the flanged plain bearing ensures stable and precise movement, resulting in more even and uniform sanding.

When to change the flanged plain bearing depends on its wear and operating condition.
Here are some signs that it's time to replace it:

1. Unusual noises: If you hear grinding, rubbing or rattling noises while using the sander, this may be a sign that the flanged journal bearing is worn and needs to be replaced.

2. Irregular movement: If the wheel axle has an irregular, jerky or unstable movement, this may be due to a defective flanged plain bearing.

3. Excessive play: If you notice excessive play or loose movement of the wheel axle, this may indicate wear of the flanged plain bearing.

4. Visible wear: Visual inspection may reveal signs of wear, cracks or damage to the flanged journal bearing.

It is recommended that regular inspection of the flanged journal bearing be included in the maintenance routine of the 4D single disc sander. If you notice any of the above signs or suspect that the flanged journal bearing is defective, it is advisable to replace it as soon as possible to avoid damage to other sander components and to ensure safe and efficient operation of the tool.
When replacing the flanged plain bearing, always refer to our after-sales service for specific information on the replacement procedure or to order an approved spare part to ensure product compatibility and quality.

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Plain bearing with collar

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